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The Brief

Union Sportive de Saint-André (USSA) is a sports organisation with a football division that currently competes in the Regional 2 league in France. Recently, due to its growing popularity and a desire to establish its football club further, USSA has decided to move into the digital space.

Glush was tasked with amplifying the football club's digital presence, keeping brand awareness at the forefront through a comprehensive, long-term digital marketing strategy. The board of directors was explicit in their goals: the primary objective was to grow the fan base while also looking towards the future. This involved securing better sponsorship contracts to increase revenue and maximising the potential of the youth academy.

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The Process

Our initial step was to build a brand-new website on a user-friendly platform. We chose WordPress for its ease of use and accessibility, even for those without technical expertise. This laid the foundation for our strategic plan, which focused on the extensive use of dynamic content. This would allow staff members to make real-time updates via the dashboard, with the front-end automatically adapting without compromising the design.

We then shifted our focus to User Experience (UX). The website was structured to include tabs for various teams, a news section with filters for fans to quickly find the content that was more relevant to them, and a visually appealing boutique to showcase the club's merchandise. To add a personal touch, we created a dedicated area for all the players of the main team, staff members, and board of directors, complete with professional photography to give a face to the team behind the scenes. Understanding the importance of captivating visuals, we produced creative images for the site, not only to enhance its aesthetic appeal but also with the aim of inspiring fans to explore new merchandise, thereby potentially increasing sales.

With the website fully operational, we shifted our focus to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to boost organic visibility. Our approach was threefold: Keyword Research, On-Page Optimisation, and Reputation Management or Local SEO.

For Keyword Research, we conducted an in-depth analysis to pinpoint keywords that would resonate with fans, parents, sponsors alike, and other potential visitors would be likely to use in search engines. We have then meticulously optimised each page, ensuring that the chosen keywords were seamlessly integrated into the content and meta tags. Simultaneously, we took the helm in managing the club's online reputation by actively responding to reviews and optimising their Google My Business page to enhance local search results.

Our SEO initiatives were closely integrated with our site maintenance plans, enabling us to swiftly implement changes and maximise search engine impressions.

Finally, we expanded our efforts to social media, targeting both Facebook and Instagram. Our strategy was to create engaging content to increase the club's popularity in Lille and beyond. This involved several posts weekly, stories, and sharing articles from the website to boost session times and attract new users.

USSA Website Process

The Results

The surge in demand for their academy, not only in terms of players but also in the realm of coaching, prompted the football team to raise their academy membership fees. Such enhancements are projected to yield positive impacts in the long term.

249.8 %

Organic Traffic

1623.3 %

Organic Keywords

Average increase MoM since website launch.

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