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The Brief

State Bank of India (SBI) is an Indian multinational, public sector banking and financial services statutory body. It currently ranks as the 48th largest bank in the world and holds the 235th position in the Fortune Global 500 list of the world's biggest corporations as of 2023. SBI is also the UK's largest Indian Bank.

Glush partnered with SBI UK with the primary aim of boosting brand awareness to increase market share and accelerate user acquisition. To achieve this, Glush was responsible for developing a multi-channel strategy and content, leveraging social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and X (former Twitter) for organic growth and community building. Alongside this, Glush was also responsible for developing paid advertising campaigns to promote SBI UK's key services and target new customer demographics. Furthermore, Glush was tasked with designing visually compelling graphics for multiple seasonal campaigns throughout the year, in collaboration with SBI UK's internal marketing team.

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The Process

To enhance SBI UK's social media presence, Glush conducted monthly meetings with the internal team at SBI UK to collaboratively develop a bespoke social media plan. Following these strategic discussions, we created tailored content in both image and video formats, accompanied by engaging captions and carefully selected hashtags. One of the unique challenges faced was crafting content that would appeal to a UK audience while incorporating elements of Indian traditions and culture.

In the realm of paid advertising, Glush executed a series of campaigns to promote SBI UK's key services. Social media ads were deployed on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, primarily using Image Ads to target their specific audience demographics. On Google Ads, a two-pronged approach was adopted: Search campaigns were designed to target areas within the UK with a high concentration of the target audience, while additional campaigns were aimed at an Indian audience to attract users planning to move to the UK. Display campaigns were seasonally themed and strategically placed in finance-related magazines or aligned with seasonal sporting events. For all these campaigns, Glush was responsible for developing the creatives, which ranged from static images to custom HTML graphics.

In addition to online initiatives, Glush diversified the application of successful social media creatives by adapting them for various platforms, both digital and physical. This included placements on digital screens in the London Underground and the distribution of flyers at SBI UK bank branches. We have also supported SBI UK in creating a range of materials, from banners and posters for campaign-specific needs to general documents that served operational purposes.

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The Results

Our collaboration with SBI UK yielded remarkable results across multiple channels, surpassing set targets and driving significant growth.

150.1 %


111.9 %


77.8 %

Follower Growth

Percentage indicates average social media growth or achievement beyond advertising set targets.

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