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Tailored WordPress solutions and integrated SEO practices elevate Eyes on the Future's digital presence, creating an accessible, community-centric platform.

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The Brief

Eyes on the Future is a non-profit organisation with a mission to accelerate research in finding a treatment for Inherited Retinal Dystrophy RDH12. They are dedicated to supporting individuals affected by retina dysfunctions and strive to foster a sense of community among those affected.

Glush had the privilege to collaborate with this organisation, focusing on Website Design & Development and SEO. The client's requirements were clear: the website needed to be visually appealing, user-friendly, and highly accessible. Additionally, it was also essential to incorporate a donation section to facilitate fundraising efforts and a community registry to enhance the sense of community among those affected by retina dysfunctions.

Lastly, the website needed to be easy to manage, enabling the Eyes on the Future team to publish new articles and press releases as required. This would enable them to keep their community informed about the latest news and developments, as well as any upcoming events or fundraising initiatives.

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The Process

Our approach to meeting the needs of Eyes on the Future was strategic and tailored. We started by selecting WordPress as our development platform. This decision was driven by WordPress's reputation for user-friendliness, which was a critical requirement for the client. The Eyes on the Future team needed a platform that would allow them to manage their website content easily, without needing extensive technical skills. WordPress, with its intuitive content management system, was the ideal choice.

Once the platform was decided, we embarked on the design process. Our design philosophy was guided by two main principles: simplicity and familiarity. We wanted to create a website that was easy to navigate, with a design that felt familiar and welcoming to users. This was particularly important given the nature of Eyes on the Future's work and the audience they serve. Accessibility was a key consideration in our design decisions, ensuring that the website was user-friendly for individuals with retina dysfunctions.

As part of the website's features, we integrated a donation section and a community registry. The donation section was designed to support Eyes on the Future's fundraising efforts, providing a simple and secure way for supporters to contribute to the cause. We implemented a donation system that allows users to make one-time donations or set up recurring monthly donations. This feature not only provides flexibility for donors but also helps to increase the funds raised for the cause. The community registry, on the other hand, was created to foster connections among the community. This feature allows individuals affected by retina dysfunctions, as well as parents of children with the disease, to join the community, share their experiences, and offer support to each other.

In terms of SEO, we adopted an efficient approach by carrying out the process concurrently with web development. This meant that as we were building the website, we were also optimising it for search engines. This approach eliminated the need to revisit the same page twice for development and SEO purposes, saving us weeks of work. It also ensured that the website was SEO-friendly from the get-go, increasing its visibility on search engines and helping to attract more visitors.

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The Results

The collaboration with Eyes on the Future led to impressive outcomes. The community experienced substantial growth on an international scale, and donations saw a significant increase.

135.9 %


16.4 %

Community Registry

Average increase YoY since website launch.

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